45th ARTDO International Conference

The 45th ARTDO International Conference

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The 45th ARTDO International World Conference on Leadership and Talent Development is scheduled to be held from November 11th- 13th, 2018 at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. The theme of the conference is Cross-Boundary Talents Training and Development. We would like to encourage the participants, including public, private and nonprofit sectors,to share their experiences in developing talents for different fields.

Cross-boundary integration is the fundamental spirit of Taiwanese culture. Since early, Taiwan has been the place where East Asian businesses, trades, and talents converge. Aside from acting as the inheritor of traditional Chinese culture,Taiwan has also integrated the culture of the Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan, the Southern Min speakers, and the Hakkas,and even cultures of neighboring countries such as Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Cross-cultural exchange and integration have formed the unique Taiwanese culture we see at present and it is also embedded in the daily life of theTaiwanese people.

Using this Taiwanese spirit as the starting point, the conference will explore this year’s conference theme: Cross-Boundary Talents Training and Development. Experts, scholars, and professionals of different fields and backgrounds will be exchanging views through speeches and forums. We hope that new ideas and viewpoints can be sparked through the collision of thoughts on the following topics, which include and are not limited to facilitating cross-boundary learning,developing cross-boundary talents, and sustaining a cross-boundary working environment. We hope that after the exchange and discussion on these topics, a new direction in the future will be revealed.

A lot of VIP Scout leaders locally and globally participated for the presentation session moderated by Dr.Chao,Shou-Po, President of APR Scout Foundation Management Committee, Former Chairman, Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee.

Great chance to introduce #2023WSJKorea and the promises including learning wisdoms to move right direction toward success.

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Congratulations! Sri Lanka “Scouting Northern Star”Iconic Moments in Sri Lankan Scouting History….

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Congratulations for Attorney at Law Mr. Janaprith Fernando on being appointed the President of the Asian Regional Training and Development Organisation. The 46th Artdo International Conference will be held in Sri Lanka from the 23rd to 25th of September 2019.



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