Nalanda College Scouts troop started in 1967 and it was registered with the Sri Lanka Scouts Association on 18th June 1967 under the name 32 Colombo Scouts Troop. The honour of being the first Group Scout Leader goes to Mr. Gunapala Wickramaratne,the then Principal. Honour is also due to Messer’s D.Jayasinghe, B.D.Fernan o and Widanagamaarachchi, the leaders who pioneered the setting up of the Nalanda Colege Scout Troop. The first Group Leader was Mr. Sunil Wickramaarachchi.

With the setting up of the Nalanda Cub Scout section in 1974, the Scout Troop became the Scout Group. For this purpose Mr. Malcom Goonaratne of Colombo Rotary Scout Group 44 played a leading role. Mrs Mallika Goonaratne, Mrs Genet Karunaratne, Mrs. V.I, Wijesinghe, Mrs S. Warnasooriya, Mrs S.M. Wanigatunga and Mrs Susima Jayawardane functioned as troop.

The twelveth anniversary of the scouts group at which the chief guest was Mr. Hemapala Ratnasuriya, the Chief Scout Commissioner was held on 30th March, 1980. The Nalanda Old Scouts Association was established on 29th April, 1984.

Silver Flames ’2018

Nalanda College Scout Group Organize the “Silver Flames” is most enthusiastic campfire of the year 2018.

Sunday, 28 October 2018 from 07:30 at Nalanda College Ground, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Silver Flames ’2014

After revel of a great year on 19th of October 2014 “Silver Flames’14” had blamed up. A hundreds of scouts, girl guides and film characters had participated in this star shinning night. This is the most exhilarating event of the year and the Biggest Camp Fire in the Sri Lankan Scouting Event Calendar.

Silver Flames ’2013

The most glamorous event organized by the 32nd Colombo Nalanda College scout troop “Silver Flames’13” was held on 26th of October 2013. This camp fire wrote a new page in Sri Lanka’s history. Over 200 girl guides and boy scout had participated in the Friendship day and over 500 girl guides and boy scout had participated in the camp fire. It was the first time that Sri Lankan scout troop that used modern technology to do such a camp fire. The background theme of this camp fire is pirates.

Silver Flames ’2012

With the experience of so many camp fires, Nalanda College Scout Troop was looked forward to a new type of an event. As a result of that on 01th December 2012 the Nalanda College Scout Troop was able to present to all scouts & guides as very first in Sri Lanka ‘Silver Flames ’12”, Friendship Day & the Camp Fire. This historical event is the most exhilarating event of Sri Lanka Scout calender. more than 200 scouts & guides were gathered to Nalanda College for to make Silver Flames more shined.




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