AJ2019 the 25th Australian Jamboree is being hosted by Scouts SA. The 25th Australian Jamboree (AJ2019) will be held from 4th January to the 14th January 2019 at the The Bend Motorsport Park in South Australia. Over 10,000 Scouts from all across Australia and the world will (briefly!) make the Jamboree campsite South Australia’s fourth largest town – imagine the new friends you’ll make.

You’ll experience stadium shows, nightly entertainment, lots of food, dance parties, market day, dress-ups, badge swapping, concerts, bike riding, land yachting and solar and pedal car racing on the V8 supercar circuit, water activities on the nearby lakes, an on-site airstrip for air activities, and BMX racing on the rally track. Scouts will also enjoy three days of off-site activities in places that include the Murraylands, a wide game in Adelaide city and the River Torrens, and overnight patrol activities at the Scouts Woodhouse Activity Centre in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.


“Friends for Life”

This page tells what you need to know about applying, cost, travel, getting ready for and going to AJ2019. There’s lots of useful information so keep scrolling down for videos, FAQs, downloads, key contact details, packing lists and more. Have a look! EVERYTHING you need to know about getting excited, getting ready and getting going to AJ2019 is here!

History of Australian Scout Jamboree

The Australian Scout Jamboree is a jamboree which is held every three years by Scouts Australia. The Jamboree is traditionally held in early January and typically runs for 10 nights.

The first, in 1934, was held in Frankston, Victoria and was attended by the World Chief Scout, Robert Baden-Powell. The Frankston district still uses the original Jamboree logo as its district emblem.

Traditionally Australian Jamborees are hosted on a rotational basis, with the order of hosting being as follows:

  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • Queensland
  • New South Wales

Each Scouting Branch (State) is the effective host of the Australian Jamboree and takes responsibility for its management.

By world standards, Australian Jamborees are medium-sized, with the largest Jamborees being held in Europe and North America and generally hosting between 35,000 and 40,000 participants.

  • 1st Frankston, Victoria, 1934/35 – attended by Baden-Powell
  • 2nd Bradfield, Sydney, New South Wales, 1939
  • 3rd Wonga Park, Victoria, 1948
  • 4th Greystanes, New South Wales, 1952
  • 5th Clifford Park, Victoria, 1955/56
  • 6th Lansdowne, New South Wales, 1960/61
  • 7th Dandenong, Victoria, 1964/65
  • 8th Jindalee, Queensland, 1967/68
  • 9th Leppington, New South Wales, 1970/71
  • 10th Woodhouse, Piccadilly, South Australia, 1973/74
  • 11th Dandenong, Victoria, 1976/77
  • 12th Perry Lakes, Western Australia, 1979/80
  • 13th Ipswich, Queensland, 1982/83
  • 14th Cataract Scout Park, Sydney, New South Wales, 1985/86
  • 15th Woodhouse, Piccadilly, South Australia, 1988/89
  • 16th AJ1992, Ballarat, Victoria, 1992
  • 17th AJ1995, Perry Lakes, Western Australia, 1994/95
  • 18th AJ1998, Springfield, Queensland, 1997/98
  • 19th AJ2001, Cataract Scout Park, Sydney, New South Wales, 2001
  • 20th AJ2004, Woodhouse, Piccadilly, South Australia, 2004
  • 21st AJ2007, Elmore, Victoria, 2007
  • 22nd AJ2010, Cataract Scout Park, Sydney, New South Wales, 2010
  • 23rd AJ2013, Maryborough, Queensland, 2013[3]
  • 24th AJ2016, Cataract Scout Park, Sydney, New South Wales, 2016[4]
  • 25th AJ2019, The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend, Murraylands, South Australia, 2019

Sri Lanka Contingent

contingent of 35 member of the Sri Lanka Scout Association participate in this for AJ2019 Jamboree.

SL-Scout Contingent, update will soon: